Images along Shawnee Run September 2017

Here are a few pictures from my hike at Shaker Village on September 23rd, 2017. This is something short to get myself back to blogging.







Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Kentucky a Place I Love

Front of Trustee House decorated for Christmas.

My favorite place, in my area, is Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. It lies in the rolling hills, on highway 68, going from Harrodsburg Kentucky to Lexington. Part of their property is on the Kentucky River, where they have a paddle boat you can ride. They have 14 trails, 37.5 miles of beautiful scenery, wonderful sounds and smells, and diverse wildlife. There are miles of stone fences, and old mill sites, and waterfalls, and creeks.

Hiking the trails is free, but donations are encouraged to defer the cost of the trail maintenance. The Preserve is open daily, sunrise to sunset.All trail users are required to sign a property usage waiver. (You can do this at the Trustees House.)

I will add more pictures at a later date.


In the bend.
In the bend.







The Village is a historic site, where they have tours to see the buildings and hear about the history of the site, and the people who live there. You can see displays of dancing and music from times gone by. You also can dine at an excellent restaurant, in a historic setting. You can visit the farm, and see all the animals and learn about how farming was done here.  You can stay at one of the many historic dwellings on the site.IMG_9163


They also have wonderful events, and programs going on all year long, like the Chamber music of the Bluegrass, (which some of the concerts are held in the event barn, where you will hear the quail and other wildlife chime in with the music.) You can learn about bees and honey production. There are many wildlife programs, and craft fairs. There is the Craft Brews and Bands event, and so many more exciting things to see and do. Something for everyone!



More Christmas decorations at Shakertown



Building at West Lot, excuse the finger


Another view of West Lot building




Icy Morning

I am posting this a couple weeks after I went on this cold morning hike at dawn. It is suppose to be 77 degrees today, on February 24th, 2017. I thought I might remind everyone what it was like, in case you forgot






The creek at the end of the Chinn Poe Trail




Ice coming up from the ground



Ice balls under waterfall


Icicles at waterfall along Shawnee Run Trail



The Creeks are Up!

I went on a hike at dawn, to see the creeks and waterfalls, since we have had quite a bit of rain lately. I saw 4 deer on, on the road, before I even got to where I parked. I saw 10 deer total today.

The creeks and waterfalls were lovely, especially since we have had so much rain! I was out there 3 1/2 hours, but I wished I could have been there longer, but the battery on my phone probably would not have lasted much longer, from all the pictures and videos I took!

Here are a few sights along the way:


There were several interesting mushrooms along the way.



A different perspective of the waterfalls.

Looking upstream
Looking down towards the big waterfall
There was little water and a lot of icicles a couple of weeks ago, as seen on an earlier blog
Up from the first waterfall
Up from the big waterfall
Same waterfall, different angle
Just above the big waterfall
Looking down the big waterfall
Going off the big waterfall





Panorama view from overlook area on Shawnee Run trail


Along the Shawnee Run

End of Chinn Poe Trail


Head Waters

Up the watershed from the bigger waterfall
Up the watershed from the bigger waterfall
Up the watershed from the bigger waterfall
Up the watershed from the bigger waterfall
Up Watershed from 1st and smaller waterfall
Up Watershed from 1st and smaller waterfall

Back to West Lot



Misty Foggy Dawn Hike

I went hiking at dawn this morning. It was misty and very foggy, and a little cool, but above freezing. It was great seeing the creeks up. I only saw one deer today, but there were a lot of birds singing, and I saw I Downy woodpecker. I hear them all the time, but I have never seen them out there. I wish I had more time to hike other trails, but I had already been  out there 3 hours, and I had things to do.

I hiked to the waterfall from the village via the Tanyard trail, which allows you to get to the waterfall without crossing the creek. I went back across the creek, just past the waterfall, where the stepping stones are. Getting to the waterfall on the Tanyard takes longer, and is hilly, but I wanted to get a decent hike in anyway.

Here are a few pictures of the creek and waterfall:

I am not sure what kind of a bone this is, but it has been cleaned pretty good!
I am not sure what got what, but there was a pretty big mess around!
Not much left, just this and the bone.
There was water flowing over some of the stepping stones. I hope the runners had waterproof shoes. My boots are very good for this.
The waterfall is flowing pretty good now, as well as the creek.
Beautiful mossy stone fence.
Mossy tree




Flowing pretty good.


Winter Wonderland on Shakertown Trails

The last couple of days I have had the pleasure of being able to hike the trails at Shakertown. (Friday and Saturday) It was a bit cold, (high of 16, with just a little wind and snow on the ground), but it was magical! With all the foliage gone, you can see so much more. Also with the rain that we have recently had, the creeks are flowing pretty good. There were also a lot of deer around. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of deer, just some video, which I am not able too post.

Here are a few sights and wonders:



Addendum to December Hikes on River Trail Additional Pictures

Here are some additional pictures from my hikes around the Shaker Village landing. I had to do things a little different to get this pictures on here.

Upper view of waterfall on trail just beyond Shaker Landing
Upper view of waterfall on trail just beyond Shaker Landing
Waterfall on trail just beyond Shaker Landing
Waterfall on trail just beyond Shaker Landing
Another view of waterfall near Shaker landing
Another view of waterfall near Shaker landing
Path along Cliff
Path along Cliff
View from trail along the river
View from trail along the river
Another view along river trail
Another view along river trail
View of High Bridge from river trail
View of High Bridge from river trail
View of High Bridge from bend in trail going down to landing
View of High Bridge from bend in trail going down to landing
Old structure along the way, maybe furnace?
Old structure along the way, maybe furnace?
Stairs along the trail
Stairs along the trail