Welcome to REB Hiker


Our favorite place for a picnic

This is a post about my love of the outdoors, with pictures and experiences of my adventures. I am not much of a writer, but I hope you can get a sense of my enthusiasm. I see God’s hand in His incredible creation everywhere! I love meeting other people in my adventures and I love hearing about their adventures and lives!


I get my love of the outdoors from my dad, to whom I am very grateful! I passed it on to our son and our daughter, although our daughter is not as much an enthusiast, her husband is. He and I are passing this love of the outdoors to their son, our grandson. We babysit him during the week, while his mom and dad are at work, and every chance we get, I take him hiking usually for two to three hours, over all kinds of terrain. (I have a backpack, that one of their neighbors so generously gave me, and we are getting a lot of good use out of it. Before that, I took him everywhere in a stroller, again, over all kinds of terrain.) He loves the outdoors! As soon as our daughter drops him off, he points to me, then the backpack, then the car, then outside, and he gets upset, if we do not leave right off!


We are so blessed to have a lovely place very close by called Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. It is an old Shaker Village, that is now a historical tourist attraction, with all kinds of animals and buildings, a wonderful restaurant, and 3000 acres, with a lot of wonderful trails with waterfalls, remains of old mills, and a lot more. It is the largest national historic landmark in Kentucky. They have all kinds of incredible events all year round, (like one of my favorites), the Chamber Music of the Bluegrass, which is held in a barn on Memorial day weekend every year. This is wonderful because the quail and other birds contribute to the music!


I also love hiking and camping with our son, in a lot of different places around the country. He lives a few hours a way from us, but we try to have at least one camping and hiking trip a year. When we go hiking, we usually hike for eight to ten hours. We have also done white water rafting and horseback riding and other things. I always love being with him, and am always sad to see him go!


My lovely wife is not as much of an outdoors person, but she does appreciate it’s beauty! Her passion is genealogy, and she has a blog, (Kentuckykindredgenealogy.com), where she writes 2 blogs a day. We do a lot of research together, in cemeteries, courthouses and historic places, to list a few things. This has become another passion of mine, which I love doing with my wife, as well as geocaching, which I will also write about occasionally.


I will not be as good a blogger as my wife is, but I may post pictures several times a week and write a few times a week, depending on how much time I find. I do take a lot of pictures on my hikes. We will see how this goes, it is all new to me. (My wife is the one who suggested I should write a blog.)

IMG_9003 (1)

I hope you enjoy what I post and I hope you get a sense of my passion for the outdoors, and my family and most importantly, my God! (I also hope to hear about your experiences and God bless you.


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