Chinn Poe Trail

One day this week I hiked with my grandson over to the Chinn Poe trail, at Shakertown. The trail ends at Shawnee Run creek. It is magical there! It was one of those days where the temperature and humidity were lower, and just a few clouds in the sky. This trail runs off the Shawnee Run trail. You go back from the barn that is near the picnic area on the back side of that trail. The picnic area is at the end of one of the connectors. This connector cuts off a big section of the Shawnee run trail.

Side of barn, next to trail
Inside of barn by Chinn Poe Trail
Side of barn next to Chinn Poe trail
Side of barn next to Chinn Poe trail

I wish I could post my video of the Shawnee Run creek, at the end of the Chinn Poe trail, but this site will not allow it. It is one of the most lovely spots on the trails at Shakertown. Here are a few pictures though.

Moss covered rocks by the creek
Moss covered rocks by the creek

Around the bend, it sounded like there were some ripples.


Some more moss covered rocks above a pool in the creek.

Around the bend, it sounded like there were some ripples.
Around the bend, it sounded like there were some ripples.
In the bend.
Pool in the the bend.

Below is a cave near the trail. (Any goblins in there?)


It was an absolutely beautiful day. This was the only trail on which I had not been, at Shakertown. Now I can say I have been down them all. There are over 30 miles of trails at Shakertown. They have maps at the office in the Trustees building, (where the restaurant is.) The maps they give out are not the best, but I found a copy of a better map, on Look at the picture on the “Shaker Village Trails” cache, #GC6DTAG. (Go to, and click on the “Play” tab, then click on “View Geocache map, then move your map over to Shakertown, and you need to click on that cache. It is one of the ones over by the West Lot on the map. You can enter the number in the search, and it will take you to it. (I am not sure if you need to be a premium member to see this cache. If you do, and you are not a premium member, you will not be able to see it. Geocaching is another of my hobbies that I love. There are geocaches all over the world, and several at Shaker Village. Check out the website, to see what it is about.)

A lot of the trails have been mowed, although things grow up fast. In the woods, on the trails that horses go on, it can be a bit muddy in some spots, that is why I usually wear boots, if I know I am going down one of those trails. There are several muddy spots on the part of the Shawnee Run trail that is in the woods, but this is a very lovely trail, especially when there is water flowing on the smaller creeks along the way, and there is a lovely overlook a long the way, but be careful there, because there is a cliff. If you have children, be sure and watch them closely.

I will post some pictures of the overlook on another post.



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