Two of the easiest trails to spring waterfall at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Part 1

I have had a couple of people ask me how to get to the waterfall, where me and my grandson usually picnic, when we are out hiking at Shaker Village. I decided to do a post to show the two easiest ways to get there. There are several ways, and I will do posts on those at another time.

Initially I was going to post both trails on the same post, but I am new at this, and it is taking me longer than I thought, so I will post the second trail, as Part 2 of this post, at a later date, hopefully within the next couple of days.The second trail I am going to describe in the next post, is the shortest, and easiest way to get to the waterfalls.

The first one I will describe is the one that starts on the Towering Sycamore trail. If you do not want to hike down and back the hill from Shaker Village main parking lot, then take the paved road out from the parking lot past the lake. (This is the road that goes to the West Lot. Note the main parking lot is the one on the left as you enter Shaker Village off of HWY 68.)

(The “Leadership Kentucky” sign, will probably be gone when you go. That was a conference they were having at Shakertown, the day I took these pictures.)

IMG_0453 IMG_0452


Stay on the paved road past the gravel road on the left and right, (which is a trail, where vehicles are not allowed.)


Follow the road to the bottom of the hill. If you want to start on the Towering Sycamore trail, and you will return the same way you came, and you do not want to walk down from the West Lot parking area, then turn left. Just a very short distance on the left is a small gravel parking area.


IMG_0464 IMG_0463 IMG_0462

When you come out of the parking area, turn right and go straight. The Towering Sycamore trail is on the right, just past the little one lane bridge.

IMG_0468 IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472

On this path to the waterfall, you will cross the creek 5 times, before you get there. Unless we have had a lot of rain recently, the creek will be dry until you get to the falls, which is a spring that comes out of the side of the hill. If we have had rain, but the creek is not up too much, you can take your shoes off and wade across, or just get your shoes wet. If we have had an excess of the rain, and the creek is flowing in torrents, you should not cross.

Below is the first crossing of the creek on this path.


You will come to a place where the path splits, and you can go either way, because they come back together just down the path.


Below is the second place you will cross the creek.


Continue on, and when you come to the fork in the path, take the path to the right. The Towering Sycamore trail goes up to the left, where it ends up at the Shawnee Run Trail, near the West Lot Dwellings. If go take the right path, it is a connector to the Tanyard trail, and you can also get to the Shawnee Run Trail this way.


Continue on around to the 3rd time you will cross the creek.



Continue on around, and right before you get to the 4th crossing of the creek, you will see 2 trails to your right. They are the Tanyard trail. The first one on the right, as you are looking at them, goes back to the East Lot, up the ridge, across from the back of Shaker Village. The second one on the left also eventually ends up at the East Lot, but it is the longer part of the Tanyard trail, from this point, going to the back of the property, and then along side of HWY 68, and ends up in the parking lot, behind the East Lot buildings.


To get to the waterfall, go straight past these two trails, (bearing left),  to the 4th crossing, which you can see from this point.This is a connector to the Shawnee Run Trail.


Continue on around to the last and 5th time you cross this creek, before you get to the waterfall. Right before you get to this crossing, you will see a trail on the left, this goes up to the West Lot, via the shortest trail to the waterfall, which I will describe next. This is part of the Shawnee Run Trail.  You will bear right, crossing the creek.


To the left, the Shawnee Run Trail going towards the West Lot Dwellings, (it goes by the side of the dwellings, and does not actually go to them.) To the right, is the Shawnee Run Trail going past the waterfall.


Continue on around to the waterfalls, just a couple of minutes on up the trail. it will be on the right, but you cannot miss it. You will hear it before you see it. Just a short distance before you get to the waterfall, you will see a trail on the right. It is a connector to the Tanyard Trail. Just pass this, and go straight, bearing left, to the waterfall, just  a short distance from here.





The trail, which is now Shawnee Run trail, continues on around and ends up in the West Lot, but there are several ways to get to the West Lot and West Lot trail, and even another connector to the Tanyard trail,  along the way, which I will post at a later date.








3 thoughts on “Two of the easiest trails to spring waterfall at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Part 1

    1. I plan to post an easier route soon, and a longer route where
      You do not have to cross the creek. I love to hike more than blog, especially because it takes me so long to post my pictures.


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