Pictures and can you identify the tracks

I thought I would put up some pictures of the Shaker Village area and also I am posting some tracks to see if you can identify them. I am pretty sure I know what they are, but want to test your knowledge.

Can you Identify the tracks? (3 is not very clear):

  1. IMG_3872
  2. IMG_3849
  3. IMG_3850
  4. IMG_9374


A few pictures from around Shaker Village and on the trails.

IMG_0301 IMG_1605 IMG_2111 IMG_2492 IMG_1563 IMG_0627 IMG_2864 IMG_3838 IMG_3112

To learn about Shaker Village and all the events going on there, go to .



8 thoughts on “Pictures and can you identify the tracks

    1. Thank you! I have a lot more, but I was up until 3:30AM writing this blog. I am not very good at it yet, and I would rather hike than blog! It is beautiful out there, with a lot of beautiful sights and wonderful smells and lovely sounds! I also see a lot of animals. I wish I could post videos, I have one where a turkey followed me for about 5 minutes!


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