Along the Shawnee Run

It has been hot, the last few times I have hiked, but that does not keep me away! I usually stay in the trees, especially if I have my grandson with me. If he is with me I keep the hikes shorter, if it is hot. If he is not with me, I go just about anywhere. The other day it was in the mid 90s, but I just make sure I have plenty of water with me. (I have a hydration pack, plus I take extra bottles. The other day, i had brand new boots, and about an hour into the hike I got a blister on one of my feet. I soaked my feet in the creek, and dried them off good, and I took an alcohol wipe and wiped the blister, then I placed it over the blister and put my sock on, seeing as I did not have a bandage with me, and this worked well. I hiked for over an hour after this, and I did not have anymore problems.


Here are some pictures of some cliffs on the Shawnee Run creek, and the creek.

IMG_4635 IMG_4623 IMG_4631 IMG_4622


5 thoughts on “Along the Shawnee Run

    1. I also do not take Julian if it is in the 90s or upper 80s. I always have plenty of water for him, when he does come and I usually take a snack for us to have a picnic, which we usually eat at the waterfall.


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