Dawn hike on the Tanyard Trail at Shaker Village

I got up early this morning to get a hike in before the rain hit, and it started before I finished my hike, but that is OK. I like to hike in the rain if there is no lightning. I like to hike early, when I can, to see things in a different light. I wanted to start right at dawn, but it ended up about a half hour later.  Here are some of the sights.


I hiked the Tanyard trail, with a few side hikes to the waterfall, and the overhang over the creek.


It started out with sunshine.


The event barn from the Tanyard trail.


A lovely start, but clouds were starting to roll in.


There is a snake streaking out there somewhere! He left his clothes behind!


Here is the split, where if you go straight, it is a connector that is the shorter version of the Tanyard trail, and if you go right, you stay on the main part of the Tanyard trail. The connector ends up on the part of the Tanyard trail that is on the ridge across from Shaker Village.


On down the Tanyard trail.



These beautiful flowers are all over out there.


Sometime I need to do a post just on the mushrooms I see out there! There is such a variety!



Here is where the Tanyard trail starts to run parallel to Morgan Lane.


He is keeping an eye on me! He looks a bit soaked!

IMG_5504 IMG_5507

A pond along the way and a stream feeding into it.


This is what happens to you when you stay out in a storm. Unfortunately for the Ents they cannot get in out of the weather!


More of the yellow flowers along the trail. This is the backside of the Tanyard trail. where you see the trail meet the tree line, is where the trail turns left, away from Morgan Lane.


Picnic anyone? You will have to pack your stuff a bit to get here, it is near the back of the trail.


Good place to rest your feet and enjoy the view. This bench is just down from the picnic table.


Oh! The webs we weave!


Rain coming down, but I am almost back to the village. This is the part of the Tanyard trail, on the ridge, across from the back side of Shaker Village. I started in the parking lot, behind the East Dwelling house, and I turned right after going through the stone fence, towards HWY 68 and I ended up along this ridge and back up to the village. I love it out here, rain or shine, or snow.


The coon wanted to say goodbye, before I finished! He also said he was watching you!


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