Misty Foggy Dawn Hike

I went hiking at dawn this morning. It was misty and very foggy, and a little cool, but above freezing. It was great seeing the creeks up. I only saw one deer today, but there were a lot of birds singing, and I saw I Downy woodpecker. I hear them all the time, but I have never seen them out there. I wish I had more time to hike other trails, but I had already been  out there 3 hours, and I had things to do.

I hiked to the waterfall from the village via the Tanyard trail, which allows you to get to the waterfall without crossing the creek. I went back across the creek, just past the waterfall, where the stepping stones are. Getting to the waterfall on the Tanyard takes longer, and is hilly, but I wanted to get a decent hike in anyway.

Here are a few pictures of the creek and waterfall:

I am not sure what kind of a bone this is, but it has been cleaned pretty good!
I am not sure what got what, but there was a pretty big mess around!
Not much left, just this and the bone.
There was water flowing over some of the stepping stones. I hope the runners had waterproof shoes. My boots are very good for this.
The waterfall is flowing pretty good now, as well as the creek.
Beautiful mossy stone fence.
Mossy tree




Flowing pretty good.



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