Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Kentucky a Place I Love

Front of Trustee House decorated for Christmas.

My favorite place, in my area, is Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. It lies in the rolling hills, on highway 68, going from Harrodsburg Kentucky to Lexington. Part of their property is on the Kentucky River, where they have a paddle boat you can ride. They have 14 trails, 37.5 miles of beautiful scenery, wonderful sounds and smells, and diverse wildlife. There are miles of stone fences, and old mill sites, and waterfalls, and creeks.

Hiking the trails is free, but donations are encouraged to defer the cost of the trail maintenance. The Preserve is open daily, sunrise to sunset.All trail users are required to sign a property usage waiver. (You can do this at the Trustees House.)

I will add more pictures at a later date.


In the bend.
In the bend.







The Village is a historic site, where they have tours to see the buildings and hear about the history of the site, and the people who live there. You can see displays of dancing and music from times gone by. You also can dine at an excellent restaurant, in a historic setting. You can visit the farm, and see all the animals and learn about how farming was done here.  You can stay at one of the many historic dwellings on the site.IMG_9163


They also have wonderful events, and programs going on all year long, like the Chamber music of the Bluegrass, (which some of the concerts are held in the event barn, where you will hear the quail and other wildlife chime in with the music.) You can learn about bees and honey production. There are many wildlife programs, and craft fairs. There is the Craft Brews and Bands event, and so many more exciting things to see and do. Something for everyone!



More Christmas decorations at Shakertown



Building at West Lot, excuse the finger


Another view of West Lot building





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